The Smyrna Police Department’s Community Services initiative is multifaceted and its  purpose is to promote, maintain, and build quality partnerships within the Town of Smyrna for the purpose of establishing positive and productive relationships between the police and citizens. The members of our department work with citizens, businesses, schools, houses of worship, and civic organizations within the Town of Smyrna on a consistent basis so that this mission can be accomplished. 

Our Community Services Coordinator
acts as the liaison between the police department, community groups, social service agencies, and residents. The C.S.C. is responsible for coordinating prevention, educational, and evaluative efforts related to social issues encountered by law enforcement.  Issues specifically addressed include domestic violence, child abuse, financial hardship, mental health, elder abuse, and personal safety. The C.S.C. provides resource linkage to victims, brief intervention counseling, parenting consultations, crisis debriefings, and presentations on a variety of topics including child abuse, domestic violence, and internet safety. 

Citizens' Police Academy will provide participants with an opportunity to gain a broad perspective of the police profession. The 12 week Academy is designed to give citizens an overview of the department's functions and procedures, while providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and concerns relating to the community. Read more...

(R.A.D.) Rape Aggression Defense is a “women only” self-defense program designed to enhance a woman’s natural desire to RESIST rape/aggression as well as enhance the human natural “fight or flight” response when dealing with aggression. Read more...

Parenting Classes
The Smyrna Police Department & Community Servants periodically present a FREE parenting class intended for parents of children ages 2 to 12.

Alzheimer's Registration Program
The Smyrna Police Department has implemented an Alzheimer’s registration program for residents who have a family member with this disease. (Click here for more information)

Active Shooter Program
Active shooter events and workplace violence have become all too commonplace across this nation.
Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Fort Hood and the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado are events we all remember that ended with numerous innocent people murdered or injured.
The Smyrna Police Department has trained our officers to respond and manage these types of events and we are prepared to react.  However, these events are random and there is no way to predict when or where it may occur.
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Other helpful resources:
Domestic Violence
Office Hours: Mon - Fri, 8:30am to 4:30pm
24-hour Crisis Line: (615) 896-2012

Elderly Resources
Adult Protective Services Referral Hotline: To report the abuse, neglect or exploitation of an elderly person, please call 1-888-APS-TENN or 1-888-277-8366.

National Council for Aging Care's Guide on Elder Abuse

Child Abuse
Reporting Child Abuse: Department of Children’s Services Intake: 1-877-237-0004

Sexual Assault
Office Hours: Mon - Fri, 8:30am to 4:30pm
24-hour Crisis Line: (615) 494-9262
Phone: (615) 494-9881