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The idea of the Smyrna Greenway is to allow citizens to travel through various parts of the town via the greenway as well as allowing users to recreate. Greenways and recreation are tools that can improve the quality of life in communities. Greenways are great assets to park systems because they are constructed for low maintenance while using land that may not have had any other uses. The Town of Smyrna has made an effort to construct the greenway in areas that allow users to enjoy nature and wildlife. The Smyrna Greenway System will offer something for everyone in the community.

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Trailheads and Distances

From Smyrna Event Center Trailhead to:

  • Lee Victory Recreation Park Trailhead: .40 mile
  • Bicentennial Trail: .80       
  • Rotary Soccer Park: 1.70 miles
  • Old Jefferson Pike  Trailhead: 1.40 miles
  • Mallard Cove Outdoor Classroom: 1.40 miles
  • Sewart Airbase Trailhead: 1.70 mile
  • Tennessee Rehabilitation Center: 2.10 miles
  • Volunteer Park: 2.30 miles
  • Ninth Avenue Trailhead: 2.55 miles
  • Sharp Springs Area Natural Area Trailhead: 4.30 miles
  • Stewart Creek Boat Ramp and Trail: 4.54 miles
  • Espey Trailhead: 5.70 miles

Signs along the greenway provide information on the history and wildlife of the area. There are several of these signs around the greenway.

You can download the Greenway map by clicking here;
or Use the interactive map of the Town of Smyrna's Greenway System!

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