Burn Permit Information and Guidelines

The Smyrna Fire Department is responsible for issuing open burn permits for all areas within the Town of Smyrna. The permits are issued on the following days and times:

The following guidelines are used concerning burn permits:

  1. No person shall kindle or maintain any bonfire or outdoor fire or authorize any such fire to be kindled or maintained without a permit or proper authorization.
  2. Burn permits will not be issued when atmospheric conditions or local circumstances make such fire hazards.
  3. Large burns are not allowed on Saturday and Sunday.
  4. There is no charge for a burn permit.
  5. Fires shall be constantly attended by a competent person until such fire is extinguished. Such person shall have a garden hose connected to the water supply or other fire extinguishing equipment readily available for use.
  6. To request a burn permit, call (615) 459-6644. (Smyrna Police and Fire Dispatch)
NOTE: The permit does not, in any way, void your responsibility for damages to other property owners, any personal injury, nor from prosecution should the fires you set burn beyond your control.