The Communications Division serves as the primary control center for the police department, fire department, ambulance service and utilities throughout Smyrna. It is  the heart of our department. The division is responsible for processing, dispatching, or routing,  all calls for service which are received at the Smyrna Justice Center. Calls for service originate from both 911 and administrative phone lines, as well as  citizen walk-ins. They also process and document all self-initiated radio traffic from both the Police and Fire Departments. “After hours” calls for TOS departments that provide 24 hour response are also processed by the communications division daily.  Jamie Gieselman is the manager for the Communications Center.

Each of the employees of the communications division utilize the CAD system in their day to day duties as well as a number of integrated systems for operating a 24/7,  year round Public Safety Answering Point  (PSAP).

Currently this division has 21 full time positions. All personnel are required to maintain certifications from Tennessee Information Enforcement System (TIES), Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS), and Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO). Our communications personnel are the nerve center for the Town of Smyrna Emergency services. They are responsible for all NCIC records for the department, including wanted persons, missing persons, stolen items, protection orders, and sex offender entries. There are currently 5 dispatchers who are specifically trained to work with the SWAT team.

The communications division handles over 80,000 calls for service. Currently, the division averages over 200+/- calls for service per day. 

The non-emergency line for dispatch is (615) 459-6644 and for all emergency calls, please dial 911.

Communications Originizational Chart - Copy