Strategic Goals

635520871423900000Goal 1:Codes and Building Safety customers will experience improved ability to communicate and access information from thegoals2012 Codes Department as evidences by:

  • An increase of customers accessing information online
  • Customers reporting satisfaction with communications with the department 
Goal 2:Citizens of Smyrna will experience cleaner, safer neighborhoods, as evidenced by:

  • A reduction in substandard housing
  • A reduction in number of abandoned or inoperable / unlicensed motor vehicles
  • A reduction of visual clutter (signs, debris, trash, graffiti) 
Goal 3:Citizens of and visitors to Smyrna will experience greater safety in the built environment as evidenced by:

  • An increase in new building projects obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy, which indicates that all required inspections are performed and approved.
  • Prevented accidents and fires in commercial and industrial settings due to diligent Fire and Life Safety Inspections.