Building Plan Review

BUILDING PLAN REVIEW (applies only to multi-family, commercial, and industrial projects)

The first step in new construction, renovation, addition, change of occupancy for above mentioned projects is to submit plans for review. We offer two ways to do so:

  1. Electronic application via the Cityworks portal (two paper copies of the plans are also required to be submitted. They can be either hand-delivered or mailed to the address below. The plan review does not start until we have received the paper plans).   Click here** for a link and tutorial of how to submit plans electronically. If you have already created an account and have previously submitted plans to us through this portal, you can access the portal directly by clicking here.
  2. In person/email submission. Please click here** for a plan review request form and information on what the plans should include. We require an electronic copy of the plans (disc, thumb drive, etc.) as well as 2 hard copies. Both paper and electronic plans will need to be either hand-delivered to our office at the address below or mailed to us at the address below (Attn Department of Building Safety).
There is not a specific naming convention for electronic plans as long as the file names are self-explanatory, and we also ask that the files are bundled into subsets and not submitted as one large file or as individual pages (e.g. "mechanical plans", "plumbing plans", structural plans" etc).

*Please note that fire protection/sprinkler plans do not require a separate plan review. Please submit those plans via email to, and they will be reviewed with the building plans for the project.