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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is scheduled to meet on the first Thursday of each month at 6:00pm at Smyrna City Hall, 315 South Lowry Street.


April 6, 2016     Smyrna Town Hall
6:00 p.m. meeting

1.   Call to Order

2.   Prayer / Pledge of Allegiance

3.   Citizens’ Comments: None at this time

4.   Approval of Minutes of the March 2, 2017 meeting
5.   Election of Officers

6.    New Business:  

     a. Rezoning Requests:

          1. Bob Parks
              Seven Oaks Boulevard
              Owner/Developer:  Bob Parks
              Amendment to The Villages PRD

          2. John Floyd
              Old Nashville Highway and Chicken Pike
              Owner/Developer:  John Floyd
              Rezoning R-1 to PRD

     b. Site Plan:

         1. Nix Subdivision, Lot 2B [Captain D’s]
            1876 Almaville Road
            Owner/Developer: Greg Patel / Maruti Joint Venture

7. Zoning Ordinance Amendment:
     a. Buffer Strips

8. Design Review Amendment:
     a. Architectural Materials

9. April Bond Review Report - None at this time

10. Staff Comments and/or Other Business

11.  Adjournment



Town of Smyrna
315 South Lowry Street
Smyrna, TN 37167
(615) 459-9742  ext. 2137